Our History

Established in 2004 with 2 founders, Pongsak Thamprapasasadorn as Business Director, and Puttipong Nakapat as Game Producer. Our business plan hit One Asset, The Government Capital Fund, and become venture. In 2008 we succeeded launch WAP browser-based game service domestically and make it available in several ASIA countries.

  • 2006 - Join venture with goverment captial fund.
  • 2008 - Launch QUTE, WAP game with AIS, #1 telco of Thailand.
  • 2010 - Launch QUTE, international service for WAP game, in Malaysia, Vietname.
  • 2011 - Launch QUTE & WITH, international service for WAP game, in Bangladesh and Indonesia.
  • 2012 - Launch POCKET PRINCESS, Twitter browser-based game, in Indonesia.


GameMaker is now focus on the fastest growth section of game industry all over the world, Smart Phone Games. We keep 3 keywords in mind for every moves, Social,Mobile and Games.

"We will show you not only how our games are fun but also how they are done in retention, conversion and monetization which do really matter than most."
- Pongsak Thamprapasasadorn, Business Director.
"We believe that to be a success game developer is about how to make a good game success, not just how to make a game be good. One missing idea, outcome is totally different."
- Puttipong Nakapat, Game Producer.